If you look at your life, what is it – from a practical point of view? It is simply the succession of days. The days grow into weeks, the weeks turn into months, the months merge into years, and the years become your life.

Your life today and what you are today – where you stand today in terms of the development of your consciousness – is simply the accumulation of the thoughts you habitually think, of the desires you regularly indulge in, of the actions you usually take and the things you routinely do, on a day-to-day or a moment-to-moment basis.

As we live our moments, as we design our days, so we fashion our lives.

Question: If every day, before you go to bed, you ate a pack of chips or a bar of chocolate, and let’s say you followed that routine every day for 365 days, what would your body look like 365 days later? It would probably grow in size and you would most likely not have the level of vitality and health you would or could have if you had not eaten that pack of chips or that bar of chocolate every night.

If every day, as you get up in the morning, you did just ten pushups, and you did them consistently, every day, for 365 days in a row, what would your body look like 365 days or 3650 pushups later? You would definitely have grown some muscles and would most likely be quite fit.

That’s the power of the compound effect, the power of repetition, the power of repeatedly initiated action.

Now, as you know, we have an evolutionary goal. Our current evolutionary goal, as a human species, is to become Soul-conscious, and as conscious Souls in incarnation to evolve the consciousness aspect into the perfect expression of divine love to which we give the name Christ. That’s why it is called Christ Consciousness. You can also call it love consciousness, if you prefer. But anyway, essentially, our evolutionary goal right now is to become Soul-conscious.

How do you become Soul-conscious? By doing certain small things over and over again, by taking certain small initiatives and doing them over and over again. Do what kind of things? Here are some ideas. Spend every morning 5 minutes meditating on the Soul. Spend every evening 5 minutes reviewing the day and then making some small adjustments based on your review. Or every time you have a fear-based thought, deny it entrance into your mind and immediately replace it with a loving thought. That one alone, if you made it into a daily initiative and routine, would completely change your life! Why? Because every cause has an effect. Every little action step you take to become more loving, more powerful, more enlightened, more awake is a cause that has a corresponding effect. The more such little causes or initiatives you integrate into your daily rhythm and routine, the more effects you will see and the greater the results you will achieve.

So here is your assignment if you are ready to take some action and initiate some growth: Pick one thing, something small, that you will start doing as of today – and then do that one thing every day for the next 3 months without missing a day. Maybe it is reading 5 pages of enlightened literature before you go to bed a night, maybe it is making creative visualization a daily practice. Whatever feels right to you. If you do that, I promise you, it will completely transform your life because you will get to experience firsthand the compound effect of daily growth-oriented initiatives.

Remember, we have an evolutionary goal. We cannot stand still. If we try to stand still and not move, life will force us to change, to grow, to advance. Why? Because we have not yet reached the end goal of our evolution. We are still becoming. We have not yet reached the top of our mountain, yet reaching the top of the mountain we sooner or later must. And the journey becomes so much easier and so much more fun once we become super proactive and start taking self-initiative.

Please think about it. I hope I could be of service to you. Please remember to make a commitment to become an Integrated Enlightened Master and Yogi because it
is your evolutionary goal.