My Beloved Readers, this is a most interesting chapter that I think everyone can benefit from for there is not a single person on earth who does not have to deal with this lesson. The reason for this is that we live in a world that is almost completely run by the negative ego. Religious leaders, with no judgment, do not know what the negative ego is. Traditional psychology has absolutely no understanding of what the negative ego mind is. Even Spiritual leaders and teachers in the New Age Movement, largely, are not fully trained in understanding the difference between negative ego/ fear-based/ separative thinking and feeling and Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha thinking and feeling, It is the biggest blind spot in the entire New Age Movement, in my humble opinion. Most people in this world operate more out of a personality level psychology and not a Soul or Spiritual level psychology. Most people are not “Integrated Spiritual Masters.” To be a fully Integrated Spiritual Master on Earth means they have mastered the Spiritual, psychological and physical/Earthly levels and are balancing them.

Given this understanding it is no wonder that people are a little rough around the edges. Most people do not cause their reality and most people are not masters of their mind and emotions, negative ego, inner child, lower-self desires, and subconscious mind at all times. Most people do not own their 100% personal power and are not unconditionally loving at all times. Most people have not learned how to master and integrate the Seven Rays, which is the basic Personality of God.

This being the case, most people live more out of their emotional bodies and interpret life from their personalities and negative ego minds a great deal of the time, which causes them to have a lot of negative feelings and emotions. This also causes them to react instead of respond in life. Most people do not keep their bubble of protection up so they are constantly letting other people cause their emotions. Most people do not choose their feelings and emotions at all times. Even the most advanced Spiritual Masters and leaders in the world are not free from attack and criticism. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite, they get more than most for they are on the front lines. All the negative ego-run people in the world and all the people who are run by dark forces attack the Spiritual leaders out of their own low self-esteem and inferiority. The only way they know how to feel good about themselves is to attack and judge others. So they go from the underdog to the top dog, or from inferiority to superiority, but of course, this does not last long for as the Bible says, “After pride cometh the fall.“ The only way one can achieve inner peace is by transcending the negative ego, not staying caught in the two sides of it!

This, of course, occurs in the world. The media in the world is totally run by the negative ego and are like attack dogs looking for a story. They will do anything to get a story, including destroying people’s lives, invading people’s personal privacy, exploring the personal sexual aspects of people’s lives, and basically throwing morals and ethics out the door. The media is such a competitive business that they will do just about anything to get a story. Their favorite game is “gotcha!“ This is to attack people and publicly embarrass them. Their other favorite game is to destroy the guy at the top. If they smell blood at all, they can be absolutely vicious. They will do anything for ratings! This is because they operate completely out of the personality and negative ego mind and do no operate out of the Soul. Television shows, movies, and our entire society is based on personality level models so it is not surprising there is so much judgment, attack and criticism that one has to deal with in life! This is not personal karma for the most part; it is just the nature of living in this world. This planet is making some Spiritual progress now, but is still very backward psychologically! I share all of this only to say that there is no one in life who does not have to deal with this lesson and the more one steps into Spiritual leadership and Spiritual mastery the more one has to deal with it. It is the nature of dealing with people and dealing with students. So, the purpose of this chapter is to teach you how to become invulnerable to attack and criticism in your daily life. On this note, I will begin.

The key principles to becoming invulnerable to attack and criticism from others is as follows:

First, you must own your 100% personal power at all times and maintain self-mastery over your thoughts and emotions at all times. For, in truth, the only thing that can hurt you is your own thinking. It is your own thinking that determines if you can be hurt or not. You are the cause of your own reality! You are the cause of your own thoughts and emotions! The only thing that can hurt you is your own victim consciousness andor negative ego/fear-based/separative thinking.

Second, you must keep your Golden Bubble of protection up at all times so other people’s negative energy slides off your bubble like water off a duck’s back.

Third, you must achieve 100% self-love and self-worth within self and allow yourself to receive it from God so you do not seek it from outside of self. This is very important. You must also learn to parent your own inner child with firmness and unconditional love.

You must look at all attack and judgments from others as Spiritual tests and lessons and not as anything negative. Just an opportunity to practice holding and maintaining your Spiritual/ Christ/ Buddha Consciousness. All attacks from others must be seen as a call for love. An opportunity to love your enemies, as Jesus would say. Sometimes an opportunity to turn the other cheek. An opportunity to practice defensivelessness and harmlessness.