Today’s idea might sound rather strange: Be radical! When we think of being radical, for most of us the idea has a negative undertone. We think of being radical as a bad idea when in truth nothing could be further from the truth. Etymologically speaking, i.e. looking at the original meaning of the word, being radical means going to the root or origin of something. Radix, in Latin, means root. With this understanding in mind, the fastest way to change our life for the better is to be radical.

Let us radically change our thoughts and we will be amazed at the speed at which our outer life will begin to transform. The word „man“ comes from the Sanskrit „manas“ meaning „mind.“ The difference between man and animal is man’s ability to think. Our outer life is rooted in the nature of our inner thoughts and desires. This is the law. If we want to see quick change and transformation in our outer life, the quickest way to effect this change and transformation is to be radical in our approach.

Again, our outer world is rooted in our inner life. This is why it is pointless fighting outer circumstances. It is pointless fighting an effect. The secret to change lies in our thoughts. Thoughts are causes. The secret is to think only that which we wish to experience in life. To think success is to cause success. To think happiness is to cause happiness. To think evolution is to cause evolution. And the secret to bring about this success, happiness, health, wealth, evolution etc. quickly is to be radical.

What does it mean to be radical? It means to decide that from this moment forward you will ONLY think thoughts of joy, health, wealth, abundance, appreciation, gratitude etc., no matter what! For 40 days straight, you strictly watch your thoughts with the eye of an eagle and the moment you catch yourself thinking an unworthy thought – i.e. a thought of lack, of illness, of discouragement, etc. – you immediately (!) replace it with a worthy one – i.e. you immediately replace it with a thought of abundance, of health, of wealth, of encouragement and peace etc. Being radical means having no mercy with unworthy thoughts and desires! Absolutely no mercy! Every single unworthy, unsupportive thought must be denied entrance into our consciousness. This is how we unroot unworthy thought habits in our electromagnetic field and/or prevent unsupportive thought habits from taking root in our consciousness. This is how we get to the root of our life! By being radical in a Spiritual sense.

Practice this exercise as if your life depended on it, and in 40 day’s time it will have become second nature to only think uplifting, joyful and worthy thoughts. And: your outer life will begin to adjust itself accordingly. This is the law.

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